New person

Well hello my loves, Happy whatever day of the week it is, I’m glad we’ve made it this far. Let me just say, I’m generally not a person.. you know.. like I’m not a morning person (nope) but I’m also not a night person (nope lucky if I’m out of bed after 8:30). I’m like […]

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Oh hey, this is future Lon here. I actually wrote this months ago but didn’t post it until now. So this is in regards to the London attach in March 2017. Kbyex Hello lovely humans, Today is not a happy day and like many, I’m going to write about it. Let’s just for a minute […]

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School of Vagina Wizardry.

Well, howdy do. I’ve come back from overseas. That’s right, I went somewhere other than to my fridge! I know, I’m as impressed as you are. So I went to Thailand recently and the place is flipping beautiful. Whilst basking in this countries glory, I couldn’t help but notice some pretty messed up things. And […]

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It’s been a while…

Hello humans (and possibly aliens?) I know… it’s been a while. So how the flipping Doo-bah-Doo are you?! Today I’m going to write about things I haven’t done in a while. So be prepared, this might get deep.. It might not. You’ll just have to read on! So here it is. Four things I haven’t […]

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I’m not sorry.

Self care. Don’t care. Hello lovely humans, So, yesterday in true procrastination style. I painted my nails. At work. I know, rebel at another level. *sarcasm* Im not trying to make excuses buuuut I’m not sorry? I do soo much overtime (this is probably why) that I didn’t even think about the repercussions in painting […]

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