Money makes the world go around


I’m looking all around me but I see nothing.

So I’m not going to lie, I’m slightly intoxicated (because f— sobriety) and also flu stricken. It’s not even flu season… is it?

This post was originally going to be a “how to” post on how to: not be an ass hole, I even put it on a schedule – you know what I mean bloggers. But to be honest, in my drunken state, I’ve been having flash backs. I’ve been having flash backs of a time where I honestly believed that buying someone’s love worked. Now for all of those who still believe money can buy love, suuure it helps, to some extent, but since when (in the f—) does it actually work?

So… my flashbacks are embarrassing but bare with me because it is well and truly a lesson that until you actually go through it, you won’t understand, regardless of the unwanted advice you’ll receive from many.

I dated a guy (a guy 5 years older than me  – not that age matters) who well and truly screwed me over. We were friends for a couple of weeks and it was clear that we fancied each other.. we started our “relationship” on a drunken night where allegedly we had sex ( we did), not that I remember because I was drunk (r*pe). And I honestly believed that this meant he loved me? Because I grew up with this “when a girl and a boy love each other very much” speech (so wrong). So anyway. He lost his job, due to the fact that he STOLE money from the place he worked at, luckily (for him) he didn’t go through a whole bunch a law issues blah blah blah. As you can tell, he isn’t a great guy but is a master of manipulation. Anyway, I was empathetic of this ass hole.. I was like, oh nooo, you poor guy! You’ve lost your job! So I gave him all of my money – we’re  talking thousands. Hoping that meant that I was there for him. Because money equals love, right?

So… long story short. I unspokenly moved in with him because I paid the rent, he got payments from his parents, payments from the government.. as well as having a house mate (no not me). I mean this guy., was a manipulation master!! But.. the lease was up. And me, being like “oh all humans are amazing and don’t do wrong to others” was like lol let’s get an apartment for just us? But no. Because that meant he also had to pay rent. Sooo he wasn’t for it and all of a sudden it became very real what kind of person he was and what I’d gotten myself into. So.. I broke up with him. We weren’t okay, he slept with my best friend (while she was drunk – r*pe). Even now, he isn’t a good person and I have many regrets and still contemplating some sort of law suit for the r*pe and manipulation.

I may or may not delve into the subject of r*pe again but for now, this post is about money.

I will never ever forget this person, how much money I invested into what I thought was love.

The point of this pos:. I mean, there’s so many! And I might.. MIGHT… write about them one day. But for now.. PLEASE, no matter the age you are or sex or race or religion or whatfuckingever, Be careful. Remember, money cannot and will not buy you love. It just can’t? It’s not love? Its a manipulation. Its lust. Its f—ed.


alright, here’s something not many if any, know about me:

4. When I was little, I used to poo in our backyard and blame it on the dog. But.. we didn’t have a dog.


P.s soz about the typos, maybe one day I’ll edit them out 😉


Loz x


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