Oh hey, this is future Lon here. I actually wrote this months ago but didn’t post it until now. So this is in regards to the London attach in March 2017. Kbyex

Hello lovely humans,

Today is not a happy day and like many, I’m going to write about it. Let’s just for a minute talk about the attack in London. I’m not saying I’m an expert but I’d just like to take the time to say that just because media claims this is an attack due to religious belief, doesn’t make it so. Just because someone believes in a religion and therefore are acting out in terror, does not make that religion violent or train terrorists.

This is one of the many posts that has annoyed me.

“Get a new god” ?

Now hey, I’m not saying people can’t share their opinion. I’m a general “you do you” kind of person. But when it comes to someone saying “get a new god” because someone has acted in terror? Nope. It doesn’t matter what culture, what religion, whatever.. It doesn’t matter. If that person is a violent person, it shouldn’t be a reflection of their culture or religion. It’s purely a reflection of that person. I’m so sick and tired of this stigma that CERTAIN religions promote violence. Let’s not get angry at others for following certain God/s/ess. What good does that do?

Again, nope, I’m not an expert. I’m just an agnostic privileged white cis woman.

I just know that there are so many suffering in the world because of this stupid stigma. There are so many people suffering in the world that don’t actually get talked about and are not able to speak because they’re silenced. The reason this is being talked about? Because it’s in a westernized country and because it’s been promoted as “an act of terror by Islam”. Which is all bullshit.

What’s  your opinion on it? Do you believe religion is to blame? Or is it people?

Let me know and don’t forget:

You are important.

You are valued.

You matter.



So, here’s something not many if any know about me


When I’m angry, I cross my fingers. My right hand ends up looking like a crab claw. If ever you see me do this, run!

lon x

ps my condolences to anybody who has lost someone due to acts of terror. I cannot begin to imagine the pain.


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