It’s been a while…

Hello humans (and possibly aliens?)

I know… it’s been a while. So how the flipping Doo-bah-Doo are you?!

“I understand what you’re saying, and your comments are valuable, but I’m gonna ignore your advice.” -Fantastic Mr. Fox

Today I’m going to write about things I haven’t done in a while. So be prepared, this might get deep.. It might not. You’ll just have to read on!

So here it is. Four things I haven’t done in a while:

1. Gone to the beach and actually swam in the ocean. There’s a mixture of reasons for this, the main one being body confidence. Like many, I have a huge issue with body image. I’m working on it. But also, i actually hate sand. I love the idea of going to the beach and sitting on the sand, but dang flabbit sand gets in places.. Well, it gets in places.

2. Had sex. I mean… When I say “a while”, I think it’s been a month (who’s counting, right?) I’m not really sure why? My partner and I love each other and we are still intimate in other ways… Couples go through this kind of thing, right? Is it weird? Let me know!

3. Exercised. Ugh… I know… I really should jump back on the band wagon and ofcourse I know it would help with 1. But it’s very hard for me, I’m one of those people who’s all or nothing and it can get very unhealthy for me when I try to be healthy. Please someone tell me I’m not the only one who struggles to find balance? When I’m trying to be healthy, it always turns into this vicious downward spiral of not being good enough and then I become unhealthy.  Don’t get me wrong, I walk my dogs and I do yoga but I’ve never classed that as exercise. You know? Like it’s not a workout, it’s more of a self care.. thing?

4. Seen my family. The last time I saw my family was… I don’t actually remember? A few months ago? A year ago? Living so far away from my family is probably the hardest part of my day-to-day life. I never ever thought location would  be such a huge issue, but yes, I’m all the way over here and they’re all the way over there. Perhaps teleportation could hurry up and be a thing?

So there you have it. There’s some stuff I haven’t done in a while and probably won’t do it in quite some time. (I mean.. hopefully not).

Whats something you haven’t done in a while? Can anybody relate to mine? Let me know.




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