New person

Well hello my loves,

Happy whatever day of the week it is, I’m glad we’ve made it this far.

Let me just say, I’m generally not a person.. you know.. like I’m not a morning person (nope) but I’m also not a night person (nope lucky if I’m out of bed after 8:30). I’m like the granny from hell but in my mid twenties. I’m also not so great with new people, I tend to find it hard to ease them into my weirdness and bluntness.  It’s not that I’m an ass hole or anything (I totally am) it’s just that people need a little bit to figure me out, you know?

So… We have a new person at work. And we get along, I think? I mean.. Everyone at work is putting on this fake persona and Urgh that life is just not for me.  It’s really weirding me out. The atmosphere has changed! Like, am I the only alien left here? We had a good thing going! Now I have to be fake? Sooo.. generally I just cannot be bothered. I’ve not eased this person into my weirdness at all because 1. Don’t have the time and 2. I’m not sure I care. To give you an example of my weirdness. I tend to change the sounds of words. Again, I hope I’m not the only one? Like if I say pineapple I’ll say [pin-ye-appell] you know? And this is just a teeny tiny example.  I’m well aware of my weirdness. Trust me.

So today, I was having trouble trying to explain something because.. well.. because it’s morning and as mentioned, I’m just not a person. And instead of saying “haha sorry, haven’t had my coffee yet!” Or some BS excuse normal people say,  I said “Urgh I’m having trouble speaking English today” (I speak one language. English). This isn’t the first time I’ve said this, I say it a lot because, dang flabbit it’s true, I have trouble with my delivery of words.

So, this new person now thinks I speak other languages and they continue to tell me how it can be hard to have English as a second language and Urgh my face is on fire and my hands a pools of water. I had to explain that “ha sorry”,I just am actually a bit strange and yup.. sorry. But also not sorry, like get used to it bucko.

Please tell me someone else has these issues? Does anybody else change the way they say things? Anybody else just not a person? Let me know. Please. I need confirmation… Asking for a friend…


Here’s something not many, if any know about me

I have a tattoo of a paw on my back which is a tribute to my first dog, Crosby, a beagle. But I was mighty drunk and mighty sad when I got it. So it’s actually a bear paw and has a really badly drawn C at the bottom of it that actually looks like poop. Like. Poop. Oh also happened to be a “home-job”. Ha those were the good ol days.


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